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#2355 When I am sad, I like to think of myself as a part of the company. In the end, when Smaug breaks free and heads for the town, Bilbo gazes after him, whispering “What have we done?”, close to tears. I would be the first to reach him, hold him in my arms, while all the dwarves are still inside the mountain; he is crying by then, shaking, desperate. When he looks up, he has the urge to say something, to justify himself, he wants to search for a solution, but he can’t - he just looks into my eyes and finally stops crying. Time stands still. His face is so close to mine; I can feel his breath upon my skin; we start to kiss, it is sad, but beautiful; he is shaking even more; and while Smaug sets out to kill, we stand there upon the mountain, in a cold and dark night, and we just can’t let go of each other, because we’re the last and only thing we have left. 

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